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Jeff Golden for Oregon State Senate

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I'm Jeff Golden and I'd like you to know why I'm running for the Oregon State Senate. 

At a time when so many of us are stunned by the national news, Oregon is in an extraordinary position to change the course of our country. Our state's history is studded with examples of principled independence and innovation that have led the way again and again. Today we're ready to lead the way on healthcare and climate,and in the process we can broaden economic opportunities that have dwindled for more and more people. 

And how we run this campaign is almost as important as what happens afterwards. Special-interest money has hijacked our politics to the point that elections are more like auctions (more on that here). Lots of candidates complain about it, but complaining isn't enough.  This campaign will be funded by contributions from individual citizens only—zero cash contributions from PACs and zero contributions from corporations. 

The Key Issues 

Three areas are ripe for Oregon’s leadership. They are

These issues top my list. How about yours?

Our system is based on representative government. To represent you well, I have to know your biggest concerns and best ideas.  Let me know either:

We're serious about this. My promise to you: 

I will listen carefully and receptively to what you have to say. Always.


Meet Jeff

Jeff's been working for a healthy and sustainable Rogue Valley for 45 years. 


Can a candidate who relies on citizens instead of special interests win?


Join the conversation

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Oregon Senate District 3 includes Ashland, Jacksonville, Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Ruch AND PART OF THE APPLEGATE VALLEY.

Let's send Jeff to Represent us in Salem.