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I’m running for the State Senate because I know that we can do better in creating the Oregon we want for ourselves, our children and our communities.

The movement has already started. People are rising up all over the state to work on the key issues we list below. I want you to know the core question I’ll bring to decisions I make on these issues as your Senator.

The Key Issues

These issues top my list. How about yours?

Call 541/843-0720 anytime or write me at

I want your suggestions or ideas (or your questions about mine) for a better Oregon.



Can a candidate who relies on citizens instead of special interests win?


Meet Jeff

Jeff's been working for a healthy and sustainable Rogue Valley for decades. 




Oregon Senate District 3 includes Ashland, Jacksonville, Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Ruch AND PART OF THE APPLEGATE VALLEY.

Let's send Jeff to Represent us in Salem. 


Join the conversation


"I have lived in Southern Oregon for over 4 decades and have observed Jeff as he served as County Commissioner, defended our natural resources, and stood up for our interests time and time again over the years.   I recently watched him debate his democratic competitors and it confirmed for me that Jeff has the best qualifications to represent us in the state senate.   I know Jeff Golden will serve the citizens of our region with integrity and thoughtful passion."

 Dr. Jim Shames